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Broadvision International Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  Broadvision International Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive professional international engineering consulting company initiated by the management aiming at the development strategy of building a whole process service industry chain of international engineering construction on the basis of integrating Chinese and international energy and power industry operation management experience and subordinate enterprises in the past 20 years. As a core member of the engineering consulting management business sector, the company's main business is engineering EPC contracting and project consulting and management. The business scope includes professional full-chain technical service and operation management such as engineering consulting, survey design, financing support, engineering EPC contracting, technology introduction, project management, equipment supply, engineering supervision, project management, project construction, engineering project training, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Broadvision International Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.’s engineering construction consulting management capabilities and performance are mainly centered on energy, electricity, construction, transportation, civil & municipal engineering, cultural and creative fields. The company has a complete organization, a sound management system, standardized work procedures, experienced professional team, stable business channels and relevant performance. The company is committed to providing comprehensive and systematic solutions for domestic and foreign customers with planning-oriented, consulting-based, energy planning and engineering services as the focus, and engineering management operations. The company is committed to providing comprehensive and systematic solutions for Chinese and foreign customers with planning-oriented and consulting-based whole chain integrated systematic solutions that focus on energy planning and engineering services and supported by engineering management and operation.

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